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I never get as far as "About a Boy".

A few things because this will be my last post for a little while. ♥

I'm moving soon, and guess where I'm going? That's right ladies and gents, I'm heading down south and taking that midnight train to Georgia. So, I better get a fucking welcoming parade paperastronauts. However, even though we are leaving in a week or so, when it comes to my family, plans always fall through, and if that is indeed the case my father said he'll buy me a ticket to Alberta, Canada. Then I can go visit/live with/marry/make babies with my dearest Roni. :DDD~♥ Other than that I just gotta pack all this shit up and do as much damage to the house as I possibly can before I leave. I already got burn marks on the carpet, a crack in the wall from when I got really mad at my mother and threw my high heels into it, and yesterday I tripped over a can of root beer that was on my floor. xD Oh and today (tonight?) I'm ACTUALLY gonna go see "There Will Be Blood" at 10:30 pm. I mean I've already seen it cause I downloaded it, but it's a whole other league when it's on the big screen.

Since levels just had to get all up in my face about it like I'm the disrespectful teenager to her big black Drill Sergeant, I'm gonna finish FFXII today. :O I guess it's been taking me so long to finish it because of the hunts. I love the hunts, they're so incredibly fun and it keeps taking me away from the main story. Not to mention I try to keep my entire party at a similar level, except Fran and Vaan, because I don't use Vaan at all (except in big battles when I have to chain mother fuckers with my Mist Charge) which makes him the lowest and Fran is always my party leader making her the highest. Hence me not being finished 80 fucking hours in. :x

OMG SKINS OMG. The first two episodes being mostly about Maxxie made me pretty happy. The first was a good start for the season and the second one well...that shit blew my mind. Like that Sketch chick is nuts. Granted, I can kinda relate to her what with her mother being the way she is and having no one, but still come on, you know the dude is gay (and the only person he'd go straight for is Jal duh) and you taping down your breasts isn't gonna make you a dude. Also, going around fucking with everyone to get to someone you should already know you'll never have is way uncool, so is breaking and entering and then fapping in someone else's bed. But for some reason I was mad and happy at the same time when she slapped Maxxie, and I have no idea why. That girl, however, played the part of a crazy person brilliantly. Though, let's face it the real highlight of episode two was Mitch Hewer's bare ass. Boom. OH AND HAY SID IS FINALLY GONNA MAN UP IN EPISODE THREE. I'm gonna be sad when this season ends though, because the next one will be a whole new cast, but what can you do? Also, I heard something like someone is gonna die? Idk.

Nothing to special to report. I have to make my samples for the awards. I've also been working on a new icon set, but I don't think I'll be able to release it before I move, so here's what I'm gonna do; MY PHOTOBUCKET. Feel free to take any icons from there, I'll put as many as I can in there up until I have to start packing and stuff. So yea, just go crazy and take whatever you want. Even if it says "Don't Take" or "Personal" you can take them, cause I could care less. xD

And then I made this the other day;


I don't know. I like it, but every time I look at it, it feels like something is missing. I think that's why I chose the title. Also a quick question; Is anyone else getting a Pac-Man vibe from it? xD

stock: LilyStox
brush: blimey_icons
Everything else is made by me.


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