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Long time colorer. First time shader.

Okay, I was catching up on "Dogs" and I found this awesome picture of Naoto and Haine and I saved it knowing I was gonna use it for something. Today was the day I used it to test out shading manga images. I color them sure, but I never shade them cause a) I think it would turn out horrible if I did it and b) too effin' lazy. Anyways, shaded it and it came out really nice and then because it came out so nice I decided to make a little graphic out of it. Now I'm gonna share it with all you dear people. :D Enjoy~♥

Orignal Image
Colored Image
Graphic Image

Everything was made by me. Characters and art belong to Shirow Miwa. Lyrics in the background are Zach Condon's and Owen Pallett's. The shading is a bit off because I didn't quite know where the sunlight would be coming from. :/
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